How to get involved

Are you looking for partners for your research project? Do you have a project idea? Do you need a tailored training package or expert consultation? CICERO Learning might be able to help you. Please contact the coordination unit to find out about services offered by CICERO Learning, or if you would like to get involved in CICERO Learning activities. Please also read the CICERO Learning affiliation guidelines below.

CICERO Learning Network affiliation guidelines

Planning a project together with CICERO Learning Network
CICERO Learning Network aims to create cooperation between researchers, disciplines and various partners who promote learning. When you are planning to propose a joint project to CICERO Learning Network, we ask you to kindly contact CICERO Learning coordination unit as early as possible to discuss collaboration in more detail. Please note that, the name of CICERO Learning Network can be used in the project preparation phase only if the Director of the CICERO Learning Network has given their approval to the said project to use the network’s name. If a project, which has already received funding, wishes to become part of CICERO Learning Network the Board of Directors of the network will decide on the matter.

Principle of visibility
The main visibility guideline is that the name CICERO Learning should be visible in all projects in which the network is part of. The affiliation guidelines of the network are given to the cooperation partner in the planning phase of a collaboration project.

Communication in joint projects
The name and logo of CICERO Learning Network should be visible in the communication materials of the project in a way that has been agreed jointly by the project partner and CICERO Learning. Projects are kindly asked to inform the Director of CICERO Learning Network about the communication materials of the project and about the visibility of CICERO Learning in the project as a whole.

The degree of visibility
The visibility of CICERO Learning Network in a project depends on the closeness of cooperation between the project and CICERO Learning. The greater CICERO Learning Network’s role in the project, the more visible the network must be in the publications and other materials of the project. CICERO Learning can be, for example, the coordinator of the project, the initiator of the project or cooperation partner. The various project types include, for example, consortium project (multiple partners in the project), coordination project (CICERO Learning is the official coordinator of the project), consultative project or other type of cooperation project.

Publishing activities
Researchers of CICERO Learning Network projects should use the so called double affiliation guideline in their publications. This means that the author’s name should be followed by his or her home university and CICERO Learning Network. As a rule, it is recommended that at least one author of the publication has the text:

“CICERO Learning Network, Finland,”

as their affiliation together with their own home university/department/unit etc.

If this is not possible, then CICERO Learning Network should be mentioned in an appropriate way in the Acknowledgements section of the publication i.e. “This study was part of the research activities of CICERO Learning Network, Finland,"

CICERO Learning Network wishes to promote multidisciplinary and cross disciplinary research cooperation. The coordination unit will be more than happy to reply to any queries regarding the affiliation guidelines or collaboration projects (cicero(at)

CICERO Learning Network
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