Recent publications

Salmela-Aro, K & Upadyaya, K (in press) Developmental Trajectories of School Burnout:
Evidence of Two Longitudinal Studies. Learning and Individual Differences.

Upadyaya, K. & Salmela-Aro, K. (in press): Cross-Lagged Associations between Study and Work Engagement Dimensions During Young Adulthood. Journal of Positive Psychology.

Finnish Innovations & Technologies in Schools. A Guide towards New Ecosystems of Learning.
Hannele Niemi, Jari Multisilta, Lasse Lipponen and Marianna Vivitsou (Eds.)

Multisilta, J. Mobile panoramic video applications for learning. Education and Information Technologies. September 2014, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp 655-666

Niemi, H. & Nevgi, A. Research studies and active learning promoting professional competences in Finnish teacher education. Teaching and Teacher Education. Volume 43, October 2014, Pages 131–142.

Rajaton luokkahuone (Boundless Classroom)
. 2014.
Hannele Niemi and Jari Multisilta (Eds.)  

Crossing Boundaries for Learning – through Technology and Human Efforts.
Hannele Niemi, Jari Multisilta and Erika Löfström (Eds.)

Technologies for Learning. A book from a Digital Media and Learning Symposium in Helsinki. August 21-23, 2013.
Text by Petri Forsell & edited by Pehr Hedenqvist.

Niemi, H. , Harju, V. , Vivitsou, M. , Viitanen, K. , Multisilta, J. and Kuokkanen, A. (2014) Digital Storytelling for 21st Century Skills in Virtual Learning Environments. Creative Education, 5, 657-671.

Uuden opettajan mentorointi. Mentoroinnilla opettajan ja oppilaan hyvinvointiin. 2013.
Hannele Niemi, Anna Maija Siljander

CICERO Learning project publications (2008-2011)

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