Finnish EdVisto Announces Global Partnership with Angry Birds Playground Owners Fun Academy

Aims to Lead the Way in 21st Century Learning through Video Storytelling

EdVisto, the ”YouTube and Facebook for schools”, initiates a distribution partnership with Fun Academy to start testing international markets. After the product launch in Finland in mid-April, deals are in place with 100 teachers and 600 students in 21 educational institutions in 5 countries. Through partnerships with leading education institutions in Finland, EdVisto users have organically started cooperating with schools and universities in Holland, Greece, Estonia, China and Mexico. The distribution and training cooperation with Fun Academy aims at further introducing EdVisto in new international markets, starting with the US, Singapore and Spain.

The company behind EdVisto, DiSEL21 Ltd., announces a distribution partnership with Fun Academy, the e-Learning company that was recently spun off from Rovio. FunAcademy plans to pilot EdVisto as a part of its digital offering in the context of its Angry Birds Playground concept for early childhood education. EdVisto is one of Fun Academy's first partner products and it will be offered in selected international markets. The partnership is initiated at a perfect time for EdVisto, as efforts to internationalize are still in pilot mode.

”We want to grow organically with a strong base in Finland, and aim to start rolling out internationally during the fall and early next year.” says Joni AlWindi, CEO of DiSEL21. ”The international collaboration character of EdVisto makes it appealing to schools and colleges that already have established international learning partners, which makes it natural to grow internationally through them. At the same time, we want to test different international markets early on to see where we have the lowest barriers to entry. Fun Academy will be very helpful here, as EdVisto can be showcased and tested through their established networks much faster and as part of a broader portfolio.”

Saara Viteli, VP Early Years Education at Fun Academy, has already started promoting EdVisto abroad. ”We are very excited to bring EdVisto's video storytelling tool to connect Angry Birds Playground classrooms all around the world. Children in our Minnesota (US) Angry Birds Playground classrooms are currently collaboratively with Singapore and Finland locations working on a story titled "My day". EdVisto offers children and teachers a unique opportunity to be creative leveraging on tech skills, flavoured with narration, making this truly an optimal learning tool, encouraging users to share and collaborate in a multi-interactive way”.

In Finland, the national curriculum has been reformed to meet the needs of an education that focuses on developing competencies as opposed to memorizing information. The new reform is to take full effect in the autumn of this year, and is well aligned with EdVisto’s direction. At the center of EdVisto’s learning partners in Finland are also the education institutions Omnia and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, through which the first international collaboration projects started.

Earlier this year, EdVisto initiated a first distribution partnership with Colombia-based initiative Education 2.0, led by British education entrepreneurs Robert O’Rourke and Jay Daron Jonsson from Improverize International S.A.S. Latin America, and its ”New Tigers” Colombia and Peru, is among the target markets for EdVisto in the near future. From Peru, the Finnish public organization Finpro actively promotes Finnish solutions. ”There is a global demand for new digital learning solutions. Many schools use new technology such as tablets and smart phones. Pedagogical content or tools for learning and teaching they necessarily don’t have. Technology itself does not improve learning results but needs ways to benefit from it. EdVisto provides a solution precisely for this. I believe in this strongly.” Klaus Lüttjohann, Senior Advisor at Finpro Peru.

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About DiSEL21
DiSEL21 Ltd was created in partnership with Helsinki University in the autumn of 2015. It’s solution, EdVisto, builds on years of practical research seeking to develop modern teaching and learning methods for the new generation. The result was born by combining the most ancient teaching method, storytelling, with the modern technology for consuming information, mobile videos. As a web-based platform optimized for mobile devices, EdVisto transforms key elements from global sharing and social platforms like YouTube and Facebook into a powerful learning method designed for the education sector. EdVisto focuses on the learning process that occurs during students’ creation of video stories in collaboration with others. Teachers take on the facilitator role and let students’ creativity and group dynamic be at the center, while collaboration is encouraged both locally and internationally through specific features that connect teachers and students across schools and countries. Read more at

About Fun Academy
Fun Academy is an educational spinoff from Rovio Entertainment (creator of Angry Birds) that works based on the foundation of Fun Learning and Finnish education. Fun Academy is the creator and licensor of Angry Birds Playground, an early-years-education program. The company is also working on digital tools for teachers and developers to create and distribute digital fun educational content for the K12 audience. Read more at

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