Mari Tervaniemi is the new Research Director of CICERO Learning

files/Cicero/site/Tervaniemi kuva.jpgMari Tervaniemi has been appointed as the Research Director of CICERO Learning Network from 1 June 2015 onwards.

Research Director Mari Tervaniemi obtained her PhD in psychology in 1997 at the University of Helsinki. In addition to Helsinki, she has worked at the University of Jyväskylä as a professor and in Leipzig as a visiting Marie Curie fellow. She will continue as the co-director of Cognitive Brain Research Unit together with professor Teija Kujala.

Tervaniemi has published 150 empirical papers and reviews in peer-reviewed international journals and several invited book chapters. Her research topics cover auditory learning as well as the brain basis of musical expertise and music emotions. Of particular interest to her is how to apply knowledge acquired within the framework of basic science into education and special education as well as to neurorehabilitation.

Tervaniemi's research profile at TUHAT

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