Tekes funds MoViE development

CICERO Learning network has secured funding from Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) to diversify and develop the MoViE (Mobile Video Experience) platform towards possible commercialisation. The eighteen month project will be carried out together with Helsinki Innovation Services and will start at the beginning of 2014.

MoViE is a platform for creating and sharing collaboratively produced video stories. The MoViE application enables users to record video clips with mobile devices (phones, tablets, digital cameras etc), upload videos to the MoViE web site, and create and edit video stories using all the clips available on the platform. The aim of the new project is to develop MoViE further to include international partnering of schools and explore possible paths to wider utilisation.

“Digital literacy, video storytelling, co-creation and sharing are clearly among the core skills in the future and we look forward to strengthening these areas through the MoViE service” says Professor Jari Multisilta, Director of the CICERO Learning network.

Currently MoViE is used in several schools in Finland, Greece, USA, Singapore and Spain with over 800 students and over 1500 videos posted online. Teachers and students can create videos that fit their needs and support learning both in and outside the classroom.

“The idea is to connect the theories studied in the classroom with everyday life by letting pupils find out about things on their own,” says Professor of Education Hannele Niemi (University of Helsinki). The method also increases pupils’ active involvement in less popular subjects, Niemi continues.

In the future, the MoViE platform could be used in professional development and in caring for the elderly. The MoViE platform provides a safe, closed environment for collaborative work as it has an authentication system and content moderation in place.

MoViE: http://cicero-movie.edu.helsinki.fi

FINNABLE 2020: Digital Storytelling

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